I wanted to use some of the resources that we talked about in class and record them here for future reference. I watched the “Sensible Flats” episode from Cyberchase and it was super… Continue reading


This week, I thought it would be helpful to merge some of the activities we did in class into one lesson plan to help introduce fourth grade level students to quadrilaterals. I also… Continue reading

Reading Plan

What’s Math Got to Do With It? Reading Plan I haven’t received the book in the mail yet, but looking at the table of contents, I have devised a temporary idea of my… Continue reading


I spent most of my time preparing for this post by researching the types of questions teachers should ask their students. The resource I found most resourceful, and what I will use most… Continue reading


Working on furthering our study of patterns this week, I joined up with the “dance crew” to try doing math with our feet. While working on this task, I immediately turned to my… Continue reading


So I spent a lot of my time preparing for this post by looking at Braille and how that system could apply to teaching math in elementary schools. I read the article with… Continue reading


This week I really wanted to look into the creativity aspect of math. What can I do as a teacher to better suit my students and their learning? In education, our goals should… Continue reading