I missed a few class periods due to a family death and a lot of working, so I decided to make up that participation in a weekly post. I decided to watch a few TED talks to finish out my hours in this course.


Ted Talks Education

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

We need to value human interaction. We need relationships. “All learning is understanding relationships.” -George Washington Carver

We all have someone (a teacher) we can look back on and say we learned a lot from and usually that person is someone we had a relationship with. Giving students the perspective that they are deserving of a good education and they can do it. They have the power to learn and they were chosen for it. Being a teacher means showing students that they are worth creating a relationship with them. You probably won’t like all of your kids, but the key is that they never know it. Every child deserves a champion. An adult that will never give up on them. That is what educators are called to do, to be that champion for that student.


Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback

Everyone needs a coach. Teachers almost never get the feedback they need.

Most teachers, until recently, only received one word of feedback: “satisfactory.” We need teachers to get feedback that will actually help them in their profession. There is so much variation in teachers. Video taping yourself can be a good tool to look back on and critique yourself.


Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning

Student’s questions are the seeds to real learning. 1. curiosity to ask meaningful questions 2. embrace trial and error 3. practice reflection

It’s going to be messy. allow students to ask questions and try new things. Revise things, change how you manage the classroom. You can learn anything if you have the curiosity to ask questions.


John Legend: “True Colors”

Obviously this was a video I was drawn to, but the lyrics and the context was really important to accept as a teacher. Don’t be afraid to let them show their true colors. This modification was necessary to remember to allow for creativity and fun in the classroom.