I was babysitting and one of the boys brought up how he was learning about Native Americans and it was really cool for him. He taught me about how they use dream catchers to keep out the nightmares. This conversation led to me telling him he should make his own dream catcher to hang above his bed. I thought I could take this further and create a set of rules for a Dream Catcher glyph.

Shape of catcher:

Circle- brown hair

Square- blonde hair

Triangle- black hair

Star- red hair

Trapezoid- other color hair

Number of strings:

Number of people living in your home including yourself.

Number of beads on strings:

How old you are

Bead design:

Star beads- Have a pet dog(s)

Round beads-Have a pet cat(s)

Mix of Stars and Round- Have both cat(s) and dog(s)

Square beads-No pet dog or cat

Color of strings:

Favorite color

Color of beads:

Favorite pie:

Apple – red

Pumpkin – orange

Strawberry – pink

Lemon – yellow

Blueberry – blue

Pecan – brown

Cherry – purple

none of the above – green


Here’s my quick computer version of this glyph


glyph catcher