Although I was not present on Thursday night due to a commitment I had already made, I learned a lot from Family Math Night through the visits to White Pines Middle School and working on our activity outside of class. On the first day there I split my time between both classrooms. In the first variation of our polygon quilt game I had the students fill in the entire shape they wanted to play on the grid and then the next student would take their turn, filling in another whole shape. They would continue this game play until the grid was full and no other shapes could be played. The points would then be added up at the end. Overall, both classrooms and all of the kids who tried our game said they loved it and they didn’t have any recommendations to change it. The next time I went to the school, for our day in the auxiliary gym, I made a slight change to the rules where on a single turn you could only fill in one small triangle (1/4 of each available polygon) and then you would have to wait until your next turn to continue making your shape. Obviously these rules made the game take much longer, but it didn’t cut down on the fun that the kids had while playing. After those two experiences I told my partner how it went and we made a plan to follow for FMN. For the younger players we would use the whole shape on one turn and then for the older players they could play the more challenging, one triangle per turn version. I worked very hard at both trial days trying to collect information from the kids and making our poster boards and making copies for the actual game night. After FMN, Whitney told me there were only a handful of students who actually played our game and of those players most were too young to even attempt the game. Needless to say, I am so glad I got to work with the kids at the middle school. I saw many students taking different angles at strategies and they were fun to talk to and get to know. What a great experience to work with kids on an activity that we planned.