My weekly work this week was based off of data collection and ways you can help teach data display to a classroom. As a teacher, I would like to include as many surveys as possible in my class because I think it gives students a sense of ownership in their education. If they can input their opinions to me, then I can better their learning environment. I looked around at different survey websites, but settled on “SurveyMonkey” because it looked like a popular pick with free sign-up and an easy to use system. My survey is intended for our MTH 221 class to complete and then I will compile the results into different data displays. 

Some displays I look forward to incorporating are pie charts, line graphs, picture graphs, etc. In the classroom, I can post results to my survey in either data form or display form and have the students pick apart the information in their class. They will learn new things about their classmates and will feel involved. 

Now, I hope that my classmates can help me out by taking this 10-question silly survey and I can complete the data displays for next week. 

I really enjoyed looking more into surveys this week and exploring the opportunities they have in the classroom. I would look for feedback about how my students like the surveys. 

Here is the link to my “Get-to-Know-You Survey”: