TEACHING EXEMPLARS: ASK. September 22, 2013 I spent most of my time preparing for this post by researching the types of questions teachers should ask their students. The resource I found most resourceful,… Continue reading

Reading Log.

Here are my annotations for “What’s Math Got to do With It?” September 27: read “What’s Math Got to Do with It?” Intro and Ch. 1; Americans might claim they hate math, but… Continue reading


I was babysitting and one of the boys brought up how he was learning about Native Americans and it was really cool for him. He taught me about how they use dream catchers… Continue reading


I missed a few class periods due to a family death and a lot of working, so I decided to make up that participation in a weekly post. I decided to watch a… Continue reading


I decided to fulfill SBG Geometry 2 by going around my house and finding common items falling into categories of solids (cylinders, cones, prisms, pyramids, etc). I went around the house and found… Continue reading


Here are my notes from the Cloninger speech. Goal of education: help students live well. Currently we are focused on preparing for the global economics. Well-being: not lotus position on the beach at… Continue reading


Although I was not present on Thursday night due to a commitment I had already made, I learned a lot from Family Math Night through the visits to White Pines Middle School and… Continue reading


My weekly work this week was spent scouring the internet for Family Math Night activity ideas. Google and a lot of links to Pinterest and other blogs were the main sources for my… Continue reading


After my 10 question multiple-choice survey I posted last week, 9 people responded so my data doesn’t cover the entire class, but hopefully is a representation of a fraction of them. I wanted… Continue reading


My weekly work this week was based off of data collection and ways you can help teach data display to a classroom. As a teacher, I would like to include as many surveys… Continue reading